Central Investigation Bureau

  1) Being the strategy-related staff to the Royal Thai Police, including planning, controlling, monitoring, and providing advice and recommendations regarding the work related to Central Investigation Bureau and agencies under Central Investigation Bureau.
  2) Enforce the criminal procedure code and other criminal laws across the country as well as other tasks designated. In addition, Central Investigation Bureau performs record/registration work authorized by the law.
  3) Maintaining public disorder, providing safety for people and important figures, preventing and suppressing crimes and other actions that are considered threats to national security.
  4) Helping, assisting, and providing safety to the tourists.
  5) Controlling, managing, helping, assisting, and providing services to the travelers in national highways and other designated routes.
  6) Working in collaboration and supporting other related agencies or as requested.


Strategies for implementing Community Policing Theory
  Goal: agencies and all police adopt community policing theory for the purposes of preventing crimes and serving people.
    Strategy 1: promote people and community engagement through networking and partnership
    Strategy 2: Change police’s attitude toward community policing


Strategies for robust management
  Goal: efficient management process
    Strategy 1: development of operational system
    Strategy 2: enhance police morale and spirit


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Central Investigation Bureau
Royal Thai Police 12 Building,
Henri Dunant Rd. Wangmai, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330 Thailand